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Monitoring of SOP during Non Flood Period (To Know the SOP during Non Flood Period    Click Here)
Technical Approval
Event No.Event DescriptionProposed Date as per SOPActual DateDownload Report
TA01 Submission of Inspection Report by each Executive Engineer concerning to flood damages / flood effected / eroded during previous flood season including the inspection of vulnerable reaches 15-Sep 20-Sep
TA02 Submission of Joint Inspection Report by Civil and Mechanical Executive Engineer for hydro-mechanical structures made on embankment 17-Sep 20-Sep
TA03 Submission of Inspection Report (for flood protection schemes other than Kosi River) by Anti-erosion Committee (AEC) represented by concerned C.E, Chairman Flood Fighitng Force, Concerned SE. 21-Sep 23-Sep
TA04 Inspection by Sub-Committee of Kosi - High level committee and submission of report (To know the Constitutin and Function of the sub-committee) 27-Sep 30-Sep
TA05 Submission of the recommendation report of the schemes by Kosi-high-level committee (KHLC) based on the recommendation of the sub-committee of KHLC after site inspection. (To know the constitution and function of KHLC) 18-Oct 21-Oct
TA06 Submission of the schemes to the state Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). 01-Oct
TA07 Meeting of TAC 08-Oct 14-Oct
TA08 Submission of Schemes recommended by TAC to Scheme Review Committee (SRC) of the WRD. 17-Oct
TA09 Meeting of Honrable Minister WRD and Sr. officers of WRD with chairman GFCC for the appraisal of schemes costing more than Rs. 12.50 crore and for other schemes. 18-Oct
TA10 Submission of schemes recommended by KHLC to SRC of WRD 24-Oct
TA11 Meeting of SRC and its recommendation report 25-Oct 29-Oct
TA12 Approval of the schemes by the State Flood Control Board in regard to schemes costing more than Rs. 30 crore. 10-Nov
TA13 Constitution of Inspection Team for the Anti-erosion works and programme for the proposed visit 07-Jan
Administrative Approval
AP01 Administrative Approval of the scheme. (To know the constitution and power) 12-Nov
AP02 Technical Sanction of the Estimates (To know the Power of Approvals by Various Category of Officers / Cabinate Ministers) 14-Nov
Site Inspection and Review of Work
SI01 Site Inspection and Review for the 1st appraisal of the Anti-erosion Works by the Hon'able Departmental Minister and Sr. officers. 15-Mar 15-Apr
SI02 2nd appraisal of the Anti-erosion Works by the Hon'able Minister WRD and Sr. officers. 01-May 15-May
SI03 Final completion report on completion of the Anti-erosion works. 31-May
SI04 3rd appraisal of the Anti-erosion works by the Hon'able Minister WRD and Sr. Officer 01-Jun 15-Jun
Monitoring of SOP during Flood Period (To Know the SOP during Flood Period Click Here)
Work Program for Flood Period
EV01 Constitution of Flood Control Cell (FCC) 03-Jun
EV02 Constitution of Flood Fighting Forum (FFF) 05-Jun
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